Apple May Soon Rename Apple ID to ‘Apple Account’

Apple is said to be considering a significant rebranding of its widely known Apple ID, potentially renaming it as “Apple Account” in the near future, MacRumors is reporting.

Apple Account

Sources close to Apple’s plans have informed MacRumors about the company’s exploration of the new name, suggesting a possible debut later this year.

An Apple ID serves as the gateway for users to access various Apple services like iCloud and the App Store. This account creation and login option has been a staple across all Apple platforms for over a decade, facilitating app and music purchases, data syncing through iCloud, and online store transactions.

The transition from Apple ID to Apple Account is anticipated to coincide with the launch of iOS 18 (Codename Crystal) and macOS 15 (Codename Glow) later in 2024.

Adjustments to system applications and potentially Apple’s website are expected to accompany this rebranding initiative.

Apple ID

While traces of “Apple Account” can already be found on Apple’s website in contexts like “Apple Account Balance,” insider sources suggest a broader replacement of “Apple ID” with “Apple Account” across Apple’s ecosystem.

The rationale behind this potential change remains uncertain, as Apple often prepares multiple marketing strategies before finalizing new product or service launches.

For instance, Apple internally tested three different names for the operating system of the recently released Vision Pro headset –- realityOS, xrOS, and visionOS. Therefore, the realization of the Apple Account branding may face uncertainties before implementation.

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