Apple Terminates Epic’s Developer Account Despite DMA Approval

Apple has stirred a new controversy by terminating Epic’s developer account, despite initial approval under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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As revealed by Epic Games Sweden AB in a press release, the company intended to utilize the account to introduce the Epic Games Store and Fortnite to iOS devices in Europe, as mandated by the DMA.

The DMA mandates Apple to permit third-party app stores, such as the Epic Games Store, as articulated in Article 6(4). However, Apple’s termination of Epic’s developer account undermines competition, violating the DMA.

By eliminating Epic’s developer account, Apple obstructs potential competition to the Apple App Store, discouraging developers from exploring alternative marketplaces. Apple’s actions demonstrate a pattern of suppressing competition and retaliating against criticism.

Apple justifies the termination by citing public criticism of their proposed DMA compliance plan by Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney. This retaliation illustrates Apple’s disregard for fair competition and legal standards.

Despite Apple’s claims of Epic posing a threat to its ecosystem, Epic highlights its longstanding collaborations with Apple, including the release of various apps and games on the App Store and utilization of Unreal Engine in Apple-marketed apps.

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The DMA aims to address the power imbalance allowing Apple to block competing stores and apps, a situation exemplified by Apple’s unilateral termination of Epic’s developer account.

The termination of Epic’s developer account follows a series of transparent communications with Apple and denials of DMA consultations. Despite assurances of compliance with developer agreements, Apple abruptly terminated Epic’s account, sparking a contentious debate over DMA adherence.

Epic pledges to continue advocating for competition and choice on iOS devices globally.

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