Tesla Confirms FSD Subscriptions for Canada in ‘Coming Weeks’

Tesla is set to launch its Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription service in Canada in the near future, as confirmed by Rohan Patel, the company’s Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development, reports Tesla North.

“Elon approved this Canada update and the team is working on the technical and regulatory procedures to make sure we don’t trigger any unintended provincial issues. Barring any setbacks, I’d expect this in the coming weeks,” said Patel on Saturday.

Addressing previous delays in making FSD subscriptions available in Canada, Patel acknowledged his responsibility, saying, “I take responsibility for missing this one when the team flagged it for me many months ago.”

He thanked the Tesla community for advocating the issue and his excitement for the potential of FSD, adding, “The level of FSD improvement in terms of function and safety is really impressive and encouraging.”

Patel also addressed the mistake in overlooking the Canadian market earlier, admitting, “It was a mistake and I feel stupid that I didn’t listen more closely to my own team about it. We will do better and keep improving and keep taking customer feedback seriously.”

Tesla’s FSD subscription, priced at $199 USD per month only in the U.S., translates to approximately $269 CAD per month, if we’re looking at current exchange rates. But we have no idea what the company might price it here.

The newest iteration of FSD is version 12, which relies solely on neural nets and cameras. FSD allows for driving from one destination to another (the car handles steering, braking and accelerating on any city street, not just the highway). It goes beyond basic included Autopilot as FSD can take full left and right turns, handle 4-way intersections with stop signs, roundabouts, and more.

FSD beta version 11 is not perfect in Canada (I’ve seen it not signal properly for entering exiting highway on ramps), so it will be interesting to see how FSD 12 fares here, once it’s available via subscription.

Check out Tesla’s FSD beta 12.2.1 driving in San Francisco below:

YouTube video

For Canadians, a monthly subscription of FSD means owners can try out the beta instead of plunking down $16,000 CAD to buy it. Tesla first launched FSD beta downloads for Canada in the spring of 2022.

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