xAI to Open Source Grok Chatbot, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk announced on early Monday his artificial intelligence company xAI will be open sourcing its chatbot Grok.

“This week, @xAI will open source Grok,” said Musk at 1:41am PDT on X. When someone replied that OpenAI should do the same, Musk replied, “OpenAI is a lie.”

Grok is xAI’s chatbot that is available to X Premium+ customers. It can leverage real-time data on X in providing an answer to any query.

Back in 2014, Musk and Tesla open sourced the latter’s patents, in an effort to boost the electric car industry. Musk said at the time patents, “serve merely to stifle progress, entrench the positions of giant corporations and enrich those in the legal profession, rather than the actual inventors.”

After Musk acquired Twitter (now known as X), he later made its recommendation algorithm open source on Github last year, the only social media company to do so, in the name of transparency.

Musk filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman earlier this month, claiming the company had betrayed its founding principles of being a non-profit. OpenAI has rejected Musk’s claims. This fight is far from over but sit back and enjoy the show, folks.

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