Apple, Google, and More Introduce Speedometer 3.0 Browser Benchmark

Developed collaboratively by browser engine developers like Apple’s WebKit, Google’s Blink, and Mozilla’s Gecko, has today released its latest Speedometer 3.0 for measuring real-world browser performance.

Speedo 3

Originally introduced in 2014 by Apple’s WebKit team, Speedometer was designed to gauge website and web app responsiveness. Unlike previous benchmarks, Speedometer simulated user interactions in web applications, providing a more realistic assessment of browser performance.

In 2018, Speedometer 2.0 was released in partnership with Google’s Chrome team, incorporating the latest frameworks and libraries available at the time. Since then, it has become a widely-used tool for performance optimization among browser engines and independent testers.

Speedometer 3.0, released today, represents a collaborative effort among browser developers to enhance web browser performance testing.

Unlike its predecessors, Speedometer 3.0 has been developed and released under a joint multi-stakeholder governance model, involving major engine browsers like Blink, Gecko, and WebKit.

Webkit spedeometer 2 0 screenshot

Speedometer 3.0 boasts improved measurement accuracy and assesses a broader range of content, setting a new standard in browser performance evaluation.

As browser developers continue to optimize their engines, Speedometer 3.0 will expand possibilities for web developers in the future. With its focus on reflecting the real-world web, the benchmark is expected to evolve over time, driving continuous improvement in browser performance.

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