Proton Mail Releases New Desktop App for Mac and Windows

Proton Mail, known for revolutionizing email privacy with its web app since 2014, has introduced a new Proton Mail desktop app for Windows and macOS, with a Linux version in beta.

Proton mail desktop png

Users can now access their emails securely across all devices, including desktops, without relying solely on web browsers. The app complements existing web and mobile applications for seamless privacy across platforms.

Accessing emails via traditional browsers can sometimes pose risks of data exposure and distractions. With the desktop app, users can enjoy a dedicated email experience, free from the distractions of browser tabs.

The app maintains Proton Mail’s commitment to privacy and security, offering features such as zero-access encryption, protection against trackers and phishing attempts, and high-security account protection through Proton Sentinel.

Transitioning to Proton Mail is made easy with the Easy Switch tool, allowing users to import messages from Outlook or Gmail seamlessly.

The desktop app syncs with the device’s themes, displays native notifications, and offers instant switching between mail and calendar, ensuring a familiar experience for users.

Proton mail desktop 2 png

Proton Mail’s commitment to security extends to all platforms, with simultaneous updates across Windows, Linux (beta), macOS, and the web app. The new Security Center feature enables users to create hide-my-email aliases directly from the Proton Mail app.

The desktop app is available for a 14-day free trial for users on free Proton plans. The Linux version is also accessible in beta for interested users.

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