Spotify Claims Apple is Stalling its App Updates in EU

In the aftermath of the EU slapping Apple with a hefty $2.7 billion CAD fine over Spotify’s grievances concerning App Store regulations, Spotify finds itself entangled in a battle with the iPhone maker over crucial app updates.

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Spotify’s move to bypass Apple’s payment system by embedding subscription pricing information directly into its app in response to a recent EU directive, has faced an unexpected roadblock.

On March 5th, Spotify submitted an update for the EU version of its app to Apple that puts direct links to its website. However, Spotify says it hasn’t heard back from Apple since submitting the update (via The Verge).

The music streaming giant asserts that Apple’s silence following the submission of the app update suggests a deliberate attempt to stall compliance, potentially to evade the regulatory mandates.

A Spotify spokesperson expressed concern over Apple’s delay, citing inconsistencies with Apple’s claimed review turnaround times and the European Commission’s stipulated adoption timeline.


Apple responded to the EU’s fine on March 4th by saying it would appeal and pointing out a list of “ways Apple creates value for Spotify, at no cost to their company,” which happened to include this bullet point:

Our App Review team has reviewed and approved 421 versions of the Spotify app — usually with same-day turnaround — and frequently expedites reviews at Spotify’s request.

While this ruling operates separately from the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which targets major tech platforms, Apple’s actions have already drawn EU intervention.

Earlier, Apple revoked Epic Games’ developer license due to criticism regarding its DMA compliance plan, only to reinstate it following an inquiry from the European Commission.

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