Epic Games Store Coming to Android Challenging Google Play

Epic Games, the powerhouse behind Fortnite, has announced its plans to expand the Epic Games Store to Android devices, following its success on PC (via 9to5Google).

Epic Games

This strategic move aims to offer gamers a seamless, multi-platform gaming experience and provide developers with fair revenue-sharing terms.

Unlike Google’s Play Store, which imposes a hefty 30% commission on developers, Epic pledges to maintain its developer-friendly revenue split of 88/12, where developers retain 88% of generated revenue while Epic takes only a 12% cut.

The company emphasizes that its store will uphold the same principles of fairness and accessibility across all platforms, ensuring a level playing field for developers and offering a diverse range of games to users.

This move aligns with Epic’s mission to challenge industry norms and provide an alternative to dominant platforms like Google Play.

The announcement also hints at Epic’s ambition to create a true multi-platform gaming ecosystem, allowing seamless integration across Android, iOS, PC, and macOS. This marks a significant milestone as the Epic Games Store becomes the first-ever game-focused, multi-platform store, promising a unified gaming experience across devices.

Epic games store android teaser jpg

While details about the specific games available on the Epic Games Store for Android remain scarce, it’s anticipated that popular titles, including Fortnite, will be featured prominently.

Fortnite’s distribution via the Epic Games Launcher since 2019 hints at Epic’s commitment to establishing a robust gaming ecosystem on Android. The final design and functionality of the store on Android are, however, yet to be revealed.

As for the timeline, Epic indicates that the Epic Games Store is slated to launch on Android “later this year.”

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