Apple is Bringing RCS to iPhone by Fall 2024 Confirms Google

Google has unveiled plans for Apple to integrate RCS (Rich Communication Services) into the iPhone by the fall of 2024, signaling a significant upgrade to the messaging experience for iOS users (via 9to5Google).

IPhone RCS fall 2024 jpg

The Android website has launched a dedicated page for Google Messages, highlighting the advantages of RCS, including high-resolution photos/videos, typing indicators, and improved group chat features. The page also mentions the impending arrival of RCS on iOS.

Apple initially announced its adoption of RCS in November 2023, with a projected timeline of “later next year.” While there was speculation about whether it would be integrated into iOS 18 or a subsequent update, Google’s recent statement aligns with the assumption of RCS being included in iOS 18, likely through a .X/point update in the latter part of 2024.

In addition to RCS support, Google indicates that animated emoji reactions will be introduced with RCS. This feature, currently available in the Google Messages client, is expected to become part of the RCS specification, offering a more engaging messaging experience for users.

Interestingly, Google’s announcement coincides with the revelation of a second product page for Google Messages, supplementing the original

This update suggests ongoing improvements and developments in Google’s messaging ecosystem.

IPhone RCS fall 2024 2 jpg

Google also highlights certain features, such as Screen Effects and Custom Bubbles, which are currently in beta testing. While Voice Moods are mentioned without a beta label, it appears that this feature is not widely rolled out yet, despite some users receiving it.

Voice Moods also includes a redesigned voice recorder UI, offering a more streamlined experience for users.

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