Apple Promoting Podcasts Participating in its Subscriptions Program

Apple is asserting its dominance in the world of subscription podcasts, with a recent move that’s catching the attention of content creators and listeners alike, as highlighted by Semafor.

Apple Podcasts

In a bid to secure prime placement on the Apple Podcasts feed, podcasters are faced with two options: submitting their show for consideration or opting into Apple’s revenue-sharing program.

Last week, a significant portion of the podcasts featured in the top spots on the Apple Podcasts app were participants in the Apple Podcasts Subscriptions program. This deliberate selection reflects Apple’s push to encourage creators to join their subscription service.

While some podcasters find the revenue share from Apple’s subscription program modest, many still see value in the exposure it offers on the platform’s coveted carousel.

Despite Apple’s not being the largest player in the podcast arena, its clean interface and prominent placement make its podcast landing page highly desirable for creators seeking visibility. However, Apple’s subscription model isn’t without its critics, particularly concerning the platform’s revenue-sharing terms.

Apple’s cut of subscription revenue—30% in the first year and 15% thereafter—is notably higher than its competitors.

Apple podcasts hero

This aggressive move by Apple to control the podcast subscription market is occurring amidst ongoing legal scrutiny. Despite this, Apple’s podcast app remains a vital space for content discovery and promotion.

While Apple has historically been supportive of podcasters, recent developments indicate a shift towards prioritizing subscription-based content.

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