Apple Podcasts Get Transcripts for Accessible Listening

Aiming to enhance the podcast listening experience for users by making them more accessible, Apple has just rolled out a new transcripts feature for Podcasts.

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With transcripts, users can now read the complete text of any podcast episode. Whether it’s catching up on missed details, searching for specific information, or following along with the audio, transcripts offer a valuable tool for listeners.

“Introducing transcripts on Apple Podcasts builds on Apple’s commitment to making products and services for everyone,” said Apple’s senior director Sarah Herrlinger. “We are thrilled to make transcripts widely available for all, adding an additional layer of accessibility to the Podcasts experience.”

One of the key features of transcripts is their interactive nature. As an episode plays, each word is highlighted, making it easy for users to follow along with the audio while reading the text.

This synchronization ensures a seamless transition between listening and reading, catering to diverse user preferences.

Transcripts offer a multitude of benefits for users, including aiding comprehension, facilitating language learning, and enabling easier fact-checking. By providing a written version of podcast content, Apple aims to empower listeners to engage with their favorite shows in new ways.

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Accessing transcripts is straightforward. Simply tap on the bottom-left corner of the Now Playing screen to view the transcript for the current episode. This user-friendly interface ensures that transcripts are readily available whenever needed.

Designed with accessibility in mind, transcripts feature optimized font and color contrast to improve readability, particularly for users with visual impairments.

Additionally, transcripts eliminate the need for users who are Deaf or hard of hearing to rely solely on audio content, providing an alternative means of accessing podcast episodes.

The availability of transcripts extends to a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German podcasts. Users with iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 can take advantage of this feature starting today, with transcripts automatically generated for new episodes upon release.

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