Edmonton EPark App Gets Axed, Request a Balance Refund Now

my epark app edmonton

The City of Edmonton is set to launch a new parking app on May 15 from HotSpot Parking, to simplify the process of paying for daily parking across the city.

The changes come after feedback with the current MyEPark app set to be replaced.

Until April 29, 2024, residents are encouraged to continue using the MyEPark app, to use up any remaining funds for parking payments. After this date, users will transition to making payments through new methods, including a QR code system to be introduced on all EPark machines and the existing options of coin or credit card payments directly at EPark locations.

Key changes to the current MyEPark system include the deactivation of the app’s top-up feature that started on April 4, although users will still be able to utilize existing funds and the app’s other functionalities until April 29.

The City has also outlined options for refunds from MyEPark accounts, explaining that users can request a refund of their existing balance until April 28. Accounts with balances of $25 or more by this cutoff will automatically have their funds transferred to the new system between April 29 and May 15, 2024. Those with $25 or less have until June 30, 2024, to request a refund.

If you have less than $25 and you don’t request a refund? Your money is gone. So really you should request a refund now and start paying manually until the new parking app launches (they really should just transfer all balances to the new system).

Here’s a video on how HotSpot’s parking app works (it’s used across Canada and the U.S.):

YouTube video

The current MyEPark app is available for iOS and Android. In the App Store, the parking app has an average 1.4 stars out of 5, as people just hate the app so much and they want it to die in a fire. Android users have given the app an average 1.7 star rating. Part of the reason is because the disastrous app required a minimum $25 top-up to pay for parking.

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