Tesla Spring Update: New Features for Model 3/Y, S/X, Cybertruck

Tesla spring release 4

Tesla teased its upcoming Spring Update, introducing a suite of new features designed for Model S/X, Model 3/Y and its Cybertruck. This update is packed with visual enhancements and anew functionalities, to make its vehicles more user friendly and enjoyable, reports Tesla North.

Spring Update Highlights:

For Model 3/Y vehicles equipped with the AMD Ryzen chip, the Spring Update brings immersive full-screen vehicle controls (the Cybertruck UI), enlarged playback controls for easier access to media options such as Recents, Favorites, and Up Next, and expandable Autopilot driving visualizations coupled with a compact map for trip guidance.

However, Tesla has not disclosed whether a retrofit option will be available for Model 3/Y vehicles with older Intel infotainment chips.

The Auto Shift (Beta) feature for Model S/X (2021 and later) has been updated to enable shifting between Drive (D) and Reverse (R) based on the vehicle’s surroundings, enhancing its park (P) shift capability.

Integration with Audible.com now allows for a seamless audiobook listening experience directly from the vehicle’s native media app.

Spotify users will appreciate the ability to sync their queue across different vehicles and devices and adjust playback speed, refining the audio experience.

The Hands-Free Trunk feature for Model S/X (2021 and later) and upgraded Model 3 versions introduces the convenience of automatic trunk opening when the user stands still behind the vehicle with a Phone Key. Sadly this feature won’t be available for existing ‘legacy’ Model 3/Y vehicles, but maybe that might change.

Sentry Mode Recording Previews are now available in select countries, enabling users to preview brief clips of Sentry Mode recordings on their phones if the alarm is triggered. This comes via the Tesla mobile app–check out the preview below:

For Model S/X (2021 and later), increased regenerative braking on highways allows for more energy to return to the battery at high speeds.

Rear passengers in equipped vehicles can now access current trip details, time, and temperature on the top of the rear touchscreen, enhancing the in-vehicle experience (new Model S/X, new Model 3).

Cybertruck’s Spring Update focuses on both utility and customization, with Home Power Sharing as a key feature. During grid outages, the Cybertruck can power your home through the Universal Wall Connector and Powershare Gateway. Additional updates include the Colourizer option for digital vehicle wrap matching, new horn and lock sounds for personalized audio notifications, Cabin Overheat Protection for maintaining comfortable temperatures, and an improved turning radius for better maneuverability.

Now, this update clearly favours the newest Tesla vehicles, meaning those with AMD Ryzen chips that get most of these new features. It’s unclear if Tesla will ever offer a retrofit for customers with Intel chips in their vehicles. Looks like if you want the latest features you’ll have to upgrade your Tesla (sounds like a familiar business model…).

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