CRTC Warns Scammers are Impersonating their Support Line

Crtc scam

The CRTC is warning Canadians that scammers are currently impersonating them, specifically their Consumer Support Line.

The Commission announced on X on Wednesday, “There is a scam using the phone number of the CRTC’s Consumer Support Line. If you receive a suspicious call claiming to be from the CRTC, do not give any personal or financial information or access to your computer.”

On Thursday, the CRTC reiterated the warning, “Please be aware that scammers are currently impersonating the CRTC. If you have not requested to be contacted by the CRTC, be careful.
We will never ask you for personal or financial information.”

The CRTC is redirecting Canadians to the nation’s Anti-Fraud Centre to report fraud and cybercrime.

At the end of the day, you should never believe anyone that calls you claiming to be your bank, credit card or telecom. Even if someone pretends to be your family member or friend, don’t believe them too.

Tell companies you’ll call them back to verify they actually reached out to you or not. Come up with a ‘safe word’ with your family members to verify it’s actually them. Just don’t answer the phone still, it’s not worth it. Never give out two-factor codes ever, either. Just don’t call me unless you’re on fire.

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