Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas Day 10: The Photo Cookbook

Day 10 of Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas offers up the culinary app, The Photo Cookbook – Quick and Easy (regularly priced at $3.99). This app shows you how to make meals in an easy way as simple images elegantly displayed show you exactly what to do.

Every recipe starts with a photograph of all the ingredients you’ll use in the process. This way and in one glance, you can control if you’ve got all the ingredients you need for preparing the dish.

Each short and straightforward step is clearly explained and easy to understand. Along with the pictures, this assists novice cooks as well as those with more experience in remembering the little touches that can easily be overlooked. Each recipe ends with a photograph of the finished dish, complete with any serving suggestions.

The basic version of the app illustrates 84 recipes, divided into four topics: “Quick & Easy” (60 recipes), “Asian” (5 recipes), “Italian” (15 recipes) and “Baking” (4 recipes).

The basic version of the app comes with 84 recipes and over 700 high resolution photos. If you want more there are in-app purchases for up to 240 recipes and 2000 photos. Due to the nature of its high res imagery, the app comes in as a 329MB download. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5 and would look great on any iPad.

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Click here to download The Photo Cookbook – Quick and Easy while it’s free.