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Apple’s Free App of the Week: KooZac by Square Enix

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This week’s free App of the Week from Apple is the puzzle game KooZac, made by Square Enix.

The concept of KooZac is simple: position the falling blocks on top of each other to create the target numbers.

The game features 60 levels with three different modes and can be described as Tetris-like arithmetic game with a mix of Sudoku thrown in; so far reviews in iTunes have been positive.

We took KooZac for a quick test drive. The game is quite simple and it all comes down to how you can plan the combination of numbered tiles upcoming and the number you’re supposed to create. The app does not have screen support for the iPhone 5 yet. It’s an okay game, nothing mind-blasting but not bad for a free download (it’s regularly priced at $0.99).

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Click here to download KooZac while it’s free.

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