Apple’s Free App Pick of the Week: Travel App KAYAK PRO

Apple has released their latest free App Pick of the Week in the App Store, and it’s KAYAK PRO. We have previously seen this app go free as part of the Starbucks Pick of the Week just under 3 months ago, but now it’s available to everyone until this Thursday. The PRO version brings terminal maps for over 100 airports:

The #1 Mobile Travel App. Includes flight and car search, hotel search and booking, flight tracker and My Trips, so you have your full itinerary at your fingertips.

– Compare flight, hotel and car rental deals
– Book your hotel, right in the app. Just choose KAYAK as your booking option
– Track your flight status
– View and manage your trip itinerary
– Look up baggage fees
– Access airline numbers and airport info
– NEW feature exclusive to Pro version: Airport terminal maps for over 100 airports: abq, aus, bru, cvg, ewr, hkt, kix, man, mlb, okc, phx, roc, slc, tpe, yvr, akl, ayt, buf, dab, far, hnl, las, mci, msp, oma, pia, rsw, smf, txl, ywg, alb, bcn, bur, dal, fco, hou, lax, mco, msy, ont, pie, san, sna, vie, yyc, ama, bdl, bwi, day, fll, hsv, lga, mdw, mtj, ord, pit, sat, stl, waw, yyz, ams, bkk, cdg, dca, fra, iad, lgw, mel, muc, orf, pmi, sdf, stn, yeg, zrh, anc, bna, cle, den, grb, iah, lhr, mem, mxp, ory, prg, sea, str, yhz, arn, bne, clt, dfw, grr, ind, lin, mex, nrt, pdx, pvd, sfo, svo, yow, ath, bom, cmh, dtw, gso, jax, lys, mia, oak, pek, rdu, sjc, syd, yqb, atl, bos, cph, dub, hkg, jfk, mad, mke, ogg, phl, ric, sju, tpa, yul


Click here to download KAYAK PRO while it’s still free.