Backblaze iPhone App is Now Available for Download

During the beginning of this year Backblaze teased their iPhone app would soon be available for download. The app has finally arrived and is now live in the App Store.

Backblaze Mobile for iPhone let’s you use your iPhone to access, view and share the data that you have backed up with the Backblaze online backup service. With Backblaze Mobile for iPhone you’ll be able to log in to your Backblaze account, choose a system (Mac or PC) you have backed up with Backblaze, navigate to the file or files you wish see or hear, download those files to your iPhone and then share or save them as desired. Backblaze Mobile for iPhone is a free app, and operates by accessing the data from an existing Backblaze account. Only data backed up to Backblaze is available for use by Backblaze Mobile for iPhone.

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Backblaze says an iPad app is in the works (Android too) and the app will require iOS 5.0 or higher. There is a current download limit of 30MB for files you want to check out from the app. If you have more questions you can check out their FAQ here.

Click here to download Backblaze for iPhone–it’s free. Not a customer? Click here to sign up at their website.

Thanks @jnhalps!