Backblaze Mobile iPhone App to Launch in Coming Weeks [PICS]

Online backup service Backblaze is set to launch their free Backblaze Mobile iPhone app in the coming weeks, which will allow users to access files right from their iPhone. The app will allow users to do the following:

  • See all PC and Mac computers they currently back up.
  • Select files from these computers and their external hard drives.
  • View and download these photos, songs, movies, and other documents.
  • Access previous versions of these files
  • Print, text, email, post to Facebook and Twitter or save files to the camera roll.

The Backblaze Mobile app will allow users to open their downloaded files with the app of their choice.

“Having restored 2.5 billion files for our customers, we found that 22% of recoveries contained a single file and realized customers were using Backblaze to access their files remotely,” says Gleb Budman, CEO of Backblaze. “Backblaze Mobile now provides an instant way to easily access that data from your iPhone.”

Those attending the 2013 Macworld/iWorld event will be able to see the Backblaze app in action at the Appalooza showcase at the Moscone West conference centre. Below are some early screenshots of the app we received from BackBlaze, which looks to have a clean and simple interface:

Backblaze app Screenshot 1Backblaze app Screenshot 2

Backblaze app Screenshot 3Backblaze app Screenshot 4

Off-site backups nowadays are just as important as backing up locally. Backing up via Time Machine is useless if your hard drive dies or house burns down. Backblaze offers complete online backups of your Mac or PC starting at $5 per month. If you’re an existing Backblaze customer, this is probably the app you’ve been waiting for.

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