Carrot Rewards Users on Paid Subscriptions are Hitting Daily Step Goals Faster vs Free Model

Carrot Rewards recently launched a paid subscription model for members to earn accelerated daily step goal rewards. Now, the company has shared some data, citing how the paid model has users earning step counts faster than the company’s free model.

Carrot rewards logo

For the first week of Carrot Plus paid subscriptions, the company saw the following step goal differences:

  • 31% more users of Carrot Plus 2x have been achieving their daily step goals compared to users of the basic (free) app
  • 70% more users of Carrot Plus 5x have been meeting their goal
  • 100% more users of the most popular version, Carrot Plus 10x, have been hitting their daily step goal

“Once again, results like these show how much Canadians love points rewards,” said Andreas Souvaliotis, Founder and CEO of Carrot Rewards, in a press release. “It’s almost unbelievable to see our users suddenly hitting their daily step goals twice as often, just because they’ve got a bit of skin in the game and are spending a few dollars a month to qualify for higher rewards.”

Carrot Rewards announced some major changes to its free model for members in Ontario yesterday, as the daily step goal rewards will soon be axed in the next week. Since its launch, daily step goal rewards have also deprecated, leading many users of this free model to vent on social media about the change.

Carrot Plus offers in-app subscriptions for users to ear 2x, 5x and 10x rewards “for a special introductory monthly subscription fee of $1.99, $3.99 or $5.99,” priced per month.

Carrot Rewards partners with provincial governments to fund reward goals and is expected to expand nationwide in early 2019; it currently is available to those in BC, Ontario and Newfoundland.

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