Cineplex TimePlay: Connects iPhone to the Theatre Screen to Get Interactive

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If you haven’t tried it yet, Cineplex has an app called TimePlay to allow movie goers with iPhones to connect to the silver screen to play games and engage in other social participation, while you wait for your movie to start. Most of the time this waiting period can be boring but TimePlay aims to change that.

  • The world’s first live, interactive games for multiple players on the silver screen, a completely new social entertainment experience
  • Free to download and free to play
  • Continually updated with new games
  • Win prizes and receive special offers
  • Manage your own personal queue of prizes, offers and opt-ins in your Mystuff folder right inside the app
  • Play against friends and family – or a theater full of strangers – for bragging rights

Currently, only Cineplex theatres in Greater Toronto (14) and Vancouver (6) work with TimePlay, but more are expected to come. You can check out the full list of participating theatres here. Also, if you’re a SCENE member you can receive 50 points just for playing (it was 100 at one point).

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Last fall, Cineplex updated its iOS app with Passbook support for tickets and SCENE members.

Click here to download TimePlay–it’s free. Anyone been using TimePlay?