Square Enix Launches Apple Watch Exclusive RPG ‘Cosmos Rings’

Square Enix announced last week they were planning to launch an Apple Watch-Exclusive role-playing game (RPG), called Cosmos Rings. The new title, which is set to be played from the wrist, is now available for download for $8.49 CAD in the App Store, as part of a promotional price until the end of August.

The iTunes description makes it clear from the first line that “This game cannot be played without the Apple Watch.”

The game utilizes retro pixel art, plus also the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown as part of game play controls. Early reviews in iTunes appear to be pretty positive.

Cosmos rings apple watch

The game is produced by the same Square Enix developers from the Chaos Rings series, while the art director comes from the company’s Final Fantasy titles.

Click here to download Cosmos Rings in the App Store while it’s on sale.