Must-Have Journal App ‘Day One’ Goes on Sale for Free ($4.99 value)

Day One is a must-have journal/diary app that is a joy to use. For new parents, this one amazing app to document the journey of life for your new baby. The app has won numerous awards from Apple such as its recent 2014 Mac Apple Design Award.

Day one Day one 2

The app supports tags and for images it gives the option of inserting the time and date of your photo so you don’t have to remember when it took place (and the weather gets inputted too), all with the option of saving to Dropbox.

Right now, this $4.99 iOS app is currently free. There’s nothing else to say other than download this right now! I suspect it’s going to be Apple’s free App of the Week, set to be announced later today.

Back in March, Day One was updated with a new feature to allow your journal articles to be published to the web and shared with friends and family.

Click here to download Day One while it’s free.