Dropbox Adds Support for Six More Languages; iOS App Update Coming Soon

Dropbox announced today it has added support for six more languages for its Mac, PC, Linux, Android and web users. As for iOS users? That support is coming soon.

Instantly sharing your most important stuff with friends and family—no matter where in the world they are or what language they speak—can feel like magic. So to help spread the love even further, we rolled up our sleeves and translated 553,800 words in 43,662 lines of code to bring you Dropbox in Russian, Polish, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

As for an interesting turn of events? The blog post announcing the update had its comments section closed as a mini revolt erupted by a large group of users were disappointed Ukrainian was not part of the newly added languages, as the latter received almost 3000 more votes than Russian via the company’s Votebox feature request system:

Screen Shot 2013 04 11 at 7 35 03 PM

Screen Shot 2013 04 11 at 7 34 57 PM

Ouch. Looks like this has caused some confusion in regards to the Votebox system and how Dropbox ultimately decides which features to implement.

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