The Globe and Mail for iOS Updated with New Way to Display Ads

The Globe and Mail has updated their news app within a minor change in the way ads are displayed. Instead of small banner that pops up and sticks to the bottom of the screen reducing viewing real estate, ads are now embedded in-line within stories instead of the home page, which enables more headlines.


What’s New in Version 2.9.0
This release redefines the way advertising is displayed in the app. Ads will now appear in-line on all pages on both the iPhone and iPad. We hope that the update provides a less intrusive and more natural reading experience.

Other updates:

– The Twitter feed at the top of the iPad home screen has been replaced with a feature that allows us to deliver more dynamic Globe and Mail articles and multimedia
– Small design tweaks to the video page
– Small bug fixes

Also new for the iPad app is the Twitter feed which has been axed with a new feature at the top and overall bug fixes.

Click here to download the Globe and Mail—it’s free.