Google Duo for iOS Download Now Available in Canada [u]

After launching a couple days ago in the U.S. App Store, Google Duo, the latter’s FaceTime-like video calling app, is now available for download in the Canadian App Store (update: it launched yesterday at 9PM EDT).

The app allows users to initiate a video call with anyone, as all that is required is a phone number, similar to WhatsApp but for video. Why use Duo? It’ll allow iPhone users to easily video call their Android friends and vice-versa, plus it has end-to-end encryption. Not sure why Google launched yet another app when Hangouts already had video calling.

While Android users get the Knock Knock feature, which previews incoming callers before you answer, iOS users only get that if the app is already open:

Incoming calls will not automatically show the Knock Knock preview on iOS. iOS users will not receive a Knock Knock video preview from incoming calls unless Duo is already open.

Click here to download Duo for iOS in the App Store—it’s free. Click here to download from Google Play. Let us know how you like it.

Thanks artooro