Government of Canada Message in the App Store: ‘Help Flatten the Curve’

App store covid 19

The App Store in Canada has a public service announcement from the federal government, informing people how they can help ‘flatten the curve’. The message is shown front and centre within Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPad.

“Watch a public service announcement that demonstrates how physical distancing works. Keep two metres from others, avoid social gatherings, and work from home, if possible, to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” reads the highlighted section in the App Store.

A video is embedded in both English and French, showing people how to social distance from one another. There’s also a link to download the new Canada COVID-19 app to stay informed about the latest coronavirus updates.

The bottom of the section also includes a link to easily share the message with friends and family.

The message is loud and clear: people need to stay home, keep their distance if they are out and wash their hands. Just don’t forget to exercise and turn off Netflix once in a while.