MarketShark – Stock Fundamentals App For iPhone & iPad + Giveaway

For the casual observer, the standard that comes with the iPhone is solid. It gives users a nice overview of company portfolios and any related news items. However for the seasoned investor, obviously something far more powerful is required.

I was recently introduced to a new stock app called “MarketShark” and from what I’ve seen so far it is one of the most detailed and powerful stock/portfolio tracking apps I’ve ever used.

The feature that stands out to me is that the app does not focus exclusively on price, or a stock value, as the sole measure. Instead, users receive significantly deeper analysis through different ratios, margins, market trends, and company financial statements that include the Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flows.

If you’re not a numbers person, then this app will not be useful to you. However if you enjoy tracking company performance and have a passion and understanding of numbers, MarketShark provides you the information you need.

There is truly nothing negative to say about the app because the information is useful and is presented in a very clean manner. However the only aspect of the app that does bother me is the price because $20.00 is fairly hefty even for this type of professional app.

In other words, if you really see value in an app like this, then $20.00 is nothing. But as I said earlier, if you’re into this type of finance, or maybe do not have a better app, then check out MarketShark.


For those that would like to try the app, I have two promotional codes to giveaway. To win, post a comment below on the following:

1.) Why would MarketShark be useful to you?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends May 14, 2012 at 10:00AM PDT.

Contest Rules

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

The full app decription is below:


– STOCK FUNDAMENTALS: Offers value, growth, and income investors a level of depth in data that hasn’t been available on mobile devices until now

– RATIOS, MULTIPLES, AND MARGINS: Dozens of different metrics, each with historical data and growth rates making for more than 600 different data points available

– PORTFOLIO TRACKING: Comprehensive “Portfolio Tracking” feature allows you to monitor and visualize your portfolio in real-time to identify areas of strength and weakness

– SEAMLESS RESEARCH: Unique “pages” layout for the most streamlined analysis experience available; simply swipe to navigate between pages, designed specifically for mobile devices

– CUSTOMIZABILITY: Unprecedented levels of customizability in designing your pages and choosing exactly which data points you want to see; this is one of MarketShark’s most powerful features

– STREAMLINED ORGANIZATION: Variety of preset page templates, from “Liquidity” to “Valuation” to “Activity Ratios” and more, all completely customizable

– COMPANY COMPARISONS: Robust “Compare” feature integration so you can quickly compare and sort an entire list of companies according to any metric at any time; we know context is key to any valuation

– TREND VISUALIZATION: Easily accessible “Graph” feature so you can see how any data point has changed over time, both quarterly and annually

– DATA TRANSPARENCY: Simply tap a data point and a sleek dropdown will reveal more detailed information, including definitions, formulas and even precise calculation steps taken

– POWER AND EFFICIENCY: Designed for financial professionals but user-friendly enough for serious individual investors

– UNIVERSAL: Buy once, and own MarketShark for life — on both your iPhone and iPad