McDonald’s Confirms You Can Double Dip McCafé Coffee Rewards with iOS App

Last week, McDonald’s updated their My McD’s iOS app to launch digital McCafé Mobile Rewards nationwide, allowing coffee drinkers to collect stamps digitally.

At the time, many questioned whether the digital rewards program meant the existing coffee stamps on cups would be phased out. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen according to today’s official launch of the digital coffee rewards program.

According to McDonald’s, their press release states, “Guests have the opportunity to collect double the rewards with on-cup and digital stickers.”

“The on-cup stickers has become a fun and easy way to enjoy McCafé. Now digital rewards bring new dimension to how people order, collect and pay on their smartphone through the My McD’s app. It helps people conveniently incorporate McDonald’s and McCafé into their everyday routines,” says Lara Skripitsky Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at McDonald’s, in a statement.

Collecting seven Mobile Rewards stickers are collected, one free medium hot McCafé beverage is rewarded. For customers collecting both digital and physical stickers, they can fast-track to a free reward in half the time.

The digital rewards program originally launched last fall in BC, Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia as part of a staggered rollout, before going nationwide last week.

McDonald’s coffee rival Tim Hortons plans to launch a digital rewards program sometime later this year.

Click here to download the My McD’s for iOS in the App Store.