Microsoft Selfie App Hits 500K Downloads, Adds Social Sharing

Last month, Microsoft released a brand new app for iOS called “Microsoft Selfie” which as the name implies, analyzes variables like age, gender, skin tone and more to automatically enhance your selfies with a single tap.

The app has been a hit since its release and today, it has received its first update that brings a new and improved user interface and easier social sharing.

The app takes advantage of Microsoft’s Face technologies to determine all selfie-related variables and quickly remove undesired features like baggy eyelids, skin wrinkles etc. while at the same time, preserving characteristics like tattoos, facial hair and accessories.

The best feature of the app remains its outstanding noise reducing ability, that uses a technique called “Burst Images De-noising” to intelligently judge light conditions and take burst shots to leverage multiple exposures for better de-noising.

Microsoft Selfie can produce professional looking photos,” said Peggy Dai, program manager of the incubation team. Existing apps either produce unnatural-looking results or fail in dim lighting conditions or require excessive user interaction, she added.

“Within two weeks after releasing, our app has achieved more than half a million downloads, which is a lovely surprise for our team,” she said, adding the team has received extensive instructive feedback from users.

Microsoft says in just two weeks, the app has already surpassed half a million downloads, calling the milestone a “lovely surprise.”

Download Microsoft Selfie for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]