Moves App Visualizes Why You’re So Out Of Shape [Review]


Summary Bubbles and Storyline


After using Moves app for a few days, I’ve realized that I don’t walk around enough. Also, I’ve learned how useful this simple app can be.

Once you turn Moves on, it will automatically track how much you move, if you’re walking, running, or cycling, and the path you took from place to place. This is all recorded daily, and displayed as a storyline, so you can look back and see exactly when, where, and for how long you were walking, traveling (on a bus, car, etc), or stationary. You can also share your “Summary Bubbles” via Facebook, Twitter, and email, or save them to your camera roll. They show how much you’ve walked, ran, and cycled over a day or week.

Moves shows your route

Moves shows your route and average speed


GPS tracks your movement, and this allows Moves to remember places you stop at. Also, you can name these places. For example, if you name a place Home, the next time you stop there it should appear as Home on your storyline. Also, Moves is integrated with Foursquare, so it recognizes nearby stores, restaurants, etc. that you can set as a place.

Moves was able to track how many steps I took fairly accurately, and was able to tell when I was running, and when I was walking. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see how well Moves tracks me while cycling, because it’s really cold, wet, and slippery outside (and peddling a stationary bike counts as walking, apparently). Also, while Moves was running, my battery was draining about twice as fast as I’m used to. So I had to charge my iPhone 4S each night.

Name places using Foursquare

Name places using Foursquare

Moves is a handy app that will help you recognize how much or how little you are active at any point in the day – and it’s free. So if you are interested in keeping track of your daily activity, you can download Moves from the App Store here. Then, let us know if it can recognize that you are cycling, and track you accurately.

Note: the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario recommends you walk 10,000 steps per day. I have a lot of catching up to do…

Thanks Des!