Husky Energy Launches myHusky iPhone App: Pay for Gas from Your Car

Husky gas station customers can now securely pay for their fuel right from their car, as Husky Energy has launched a new iPhone app called myHusky.

Myhusky iphone app

The myHusky iPhone app allows users to pay for their gas by first selecting a pump number in the app, then proceeding to payment right in the app. If available, car wash codes can also be purchased in the app as well. Users can add their myHusky Rewards card to the app and begin collecting points without the need for their plastic card.

“The myHusky app provides a whole new level of convenience and security for our retail customers,” said Lawrence Richler, Husky’s Vice-President of Canadian Products Marketing, in a statement to iPhone in Canada. “Husky is amongst the first in the Canadian fuel industry to offer mobile pay-at-the-pump service with e-receipts, and you’ll never miss out on rewards points.”

The myHusky app also sends e-receipts, shows transaction history and will also show personalized offers, plus will provide directions to the nearest gas station too.

According to Husky, they worked with IBM Canada to “design, develop and manage this enhanced customer experience.” Customers can use the myHusky app at close to 500 Husky-branded stations across Canada.

Check out the snazzy commercial below:

Click here to download myHusky for iPhone in the App Store—it’s free.