Office Golfing With Table Golf For iPhone

While browsing the App Store this week, I came across a game called “Table Golf“. If you enjoy iPhone games such as Paper Toss or Buzz Ball, then Table Golf will be right at home.

The goal of Table Golf, like other games in its genre, is to get a ball into the goal. In this case, the “ball” is a golf ball that must be flicked into a hole across from it.

The game takes place in an office environment with various office related items laid around the playing area. As such, there are three appropriately labeled difficultly modes; Employee (easy), Project Manager (average), CEO (hard).

Each difficulty places the goal farther away and also makes the goal smaller. For example, the easy difficulty is a large cardboard box while the average difficulty is a coffee cup.

To move the golf ball, players simply flick the ball using a finger. Aside from the different goal sizes, the only variable during each round is “wind”, which will push the golf ball away from the goal.

Table Golf also includes OpenFeint integration, so players may track their scores and share them against the leaderboards. As mentioned before, you like games such as Paper Toss or Buzz Ball, definitely check out Table Golf.

Table Golf is available on the iTunes App Store for free.