Reddit to Launch Native Ads within iOS App Starting Next Week

If you use Reddit’s mobile apps, native promoted post ads are coming your way. According to Marketing Land, Reddit emailed advertisers to inform them the new advertising option will be available starting March 19th.

Reddit says they now have 330 million monthly active users and the most popular way to access the site is via mobile, which is the dominant platform to access at 41%. The company says 80% of app users don’t access the site on desktop, while those logged in within the company’s iOS and Android apps spend more time than those logged in on desktop.

Reddit promoted posts iphone 294x600

Promoted posts will first launch in the Reddit iOS app, then later on Android. These posts will look like a standard Reddit post and will let users upvote and comment, which is new, compared to before. Advertisers will be able to target ads based on location, interest, subreddit and more.

For users looking for an alternative Reddit mobile client, check out Apollo for iOS.