Rogers to Launch New Single Rogers Anyplace TV iOS App on March 25

Rogers has informed its customers via email the Rogers Anyplace TV Live and Rogers Anyplace TV Mobile apps will be replaced by a unified app on March 25th. The existing apps will be discontinued on April 15th and cease to function. Users will be notified of the new TV app within existing apps upon launch.

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For existing Rogers Anyplace TV Live subscribers, they will continue to be charged $5/month for 5 hours of viewing content over the Rogers wireless network. But for a limited time, there will be no charges for additional viewing hours, according to the email. Rogers says if you do not download the new app, you will not be charged $5/month.

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The same policy applies to existing Rogers Anyplace TV Mobile subscribers, but viewing content over Wi-Fi will not result in any additional charges.

For value packs that include Rogers Anyplace TV Live and other mobile apps, users will need to download the new app to watch live and on demand content after April 15th.

The Rogers Anyplace TV Live app has an average rating of 1.5 stars out of 5 (there are 1,324 one-star ratings out of 1,683 ratings), while the Rogers Anyplace TV Mobile has a similar average rating of 1.5 stars. The new single Anyplace TV iOS app looks to bring an improved experience near the end of March–stay tuned.

Any existing Rogers Anyplace TV users out there?

Thanks Nick!