Sega Announces “Crazy Taxi” Will Launch In October For iPhone and iPad

Crazy Taxi, an extremely fun game of barreling through traffic jammed streets to get from point A to point B will finally hit our iOS devices later this month. Sega announced earlier today that Crazy Taxi would launch on the iPhone and iPad sometime during the month of October.

The crazily amusing game was widely popular on Dreamcast years ago, and most recently has hit the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. An exact price-point or release day hasn’t been pointed out, but here’s an extremely short trailer video:

The graphics presented in the promotional video will be familiar to those who’ve had the chance to play Crazy Taxi before. The iPhone and iPad’s retina display glory will present Crazy Taxi at full force, so this shall be interesting.

I’m a bit worried about the controls; this will be the first time Crazy Taxi will be played with touch controls. It may just take some time getting used to.

Android users, seems like you lucked out on this one. Sega hasn’t announced an Android rendition of the game yet.

[via TouchArcade]