Starbucks’ iTunes Pick of the Week to Go Mobile via iOS App–US Only?

CNET reports Starbucks will soon digitize its free Pick of the Week cards, to allow downloads via the iOS app and in-store Wi-Fi.

Starbucks has worked with Apple to expand its Pick of the Week program and finally allow for application and book downloads through its iOS application and in-store Wi-Fi network, the coffee company shared exclusively with CNET.

Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman says “This expansion, of adding apps and books, is the reflection of Starbucks and Apple working together to strengthen the relationship for customers.” However, at the moment this initiative to digitize these picks appears to be US-only. The current offering will be Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars, which should be available via the US Starbucks app via the messages inbox (the Canadian app does not have this):

Starbucks Pick of the Week 270x527

The US Starbucks app has long offered its iTunes song picks via the app but now it appears the addition of apps and books will go digital too.

When it came to Passbook integration for the Starbucks app, it took almost a two week delay to support Canada (#firstworldproblems). If history repeats itself the Canadian app could easily be updated to support mobile integration of these free iTunes app and song picks. We have reached out to Starbucks for comment about this feature hitting the Canadian version of the app.

Starbucks says their mobile app has more than 10 million users across Android and iOS devices, with an average of 100,000 downloads occurring each week. Would you like to see mobile integration with these free weekly iTunes picks?