Strava’s Global Bike to Work Day Sees Canada Make Top 10 List

Chances are you’re probably using Strava if you’re a cyclist or runner, as the social network allows users to easily compare their performance to others (or to let you know how slow you are), in the quest for nab those KOM or QOM badges.

Global Bike to Work Day took place on Tuesday, May 10, and Strava has now released some data from cycling activity that day.

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In total, there were nearly 80,000 commutes (79,879) uploaded by Strava users worldwide, logging in an average 1,336,150 kilometres, averaging 16.72 kilometres per ride, for a total of 71,107 hours spent commuting that day.

Strava users from 180 different countries participated, which the company says produced a total carbon offset of 514.51 tonnes.

Canadians love to bike to work, as we made Strava’s top 10 list of countries by participation:

1. United Kingdom
2. USA
3. Brazil
4. Australia
5. Germany
6. Netherlands
7. Spain
8. Canada
9. France
10. Italy

Gareth Nettleton, VP of Marketing for Strava, said in a statement emailed to iPhone in Canada, “The Strava community came out in force on Tuesday to make a difference on Global Bike to Work Day. It’s incredible that Strava cyclists who joined the challenge recorded nearly 80,000 commutes in a single day across the globe; these kind of activities are making a difference when used by town and city planners.”

Click here to download Strava for iOS in the App Store, it’s free. There’s an Apple Watch app, plus the app can use the heart rate monitor from the wearable as well.