Toronto-Made ‘Inbox Cube’ for iPhone Aims to Make Email Easier

Today is the official launch of Inbox Cube, a new iPhone email client which aims to make sorting your email easier. The app is the creation of a group of Toronto entrepreneurs.

The app supports multiple Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL and IMAP accounts right off the bat, which is great.

Kalpesh Rathod, CEO of Inbox Cube said in a statement “With Inbox Cube, we’re working to address this issue by visualizing your email content and making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for on your mobile device.”

Essentially, what makes Inbox Cube unique is the ability to quickly see a visual ‘cube’ of your attachments and contacts. We’ve been testing the beta version of the app prior to the app’s release in the App Store. It looks to be a worthy app to try out for your email.

Once you add your email account (Gmail in our case), the app does take longer than normal to ‘build’ your email cubes which might turn some people off as you need to wait before you can use the app right away.

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But once your email cubes are done building, it’s really easy to access and view all the attachments within your email inbox sorted by photos, videos and docs. If you deal with a lot of attachments on a day to day basis, this might make things a bit easier.

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The app is nicely designed and swiping to the left on emails brings up actions to reply or forward etc., which reminds me of Mailbox and its ‘Snooze’ pop up. Emails get colour thumbnails with the starting letter of recipient names to make easier to view lists of mail.

Overall, Inbox Cube is a decent attempt at trying to make email fresher and easier to sort and manage on the iPhone. It might be worth considering if you’re always on the hunt for a new way to master your email.

Check out a video demo of the app below:

Click here to download Inbox Cube—it’s free. Let us know what you think of it!