Transit App 2.0 Goes Free: Real-Time Locations, More Canadian Coverage [LIST]

Last summer we told you about the Transit App, created in Montreal which aimed to bring bus routes for all. Now, the company has launched version 2.0 today, which supports additional cities including Vancouver and beyond. Its initial launch only supported transit in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec.


The new app now brings real-time vehicle locations (cool stuff) where available, plus new Transit Modes, autocomplete suggestions, new sorting orders in Nearby mode plus more. Co-founder Sam Vermette tells us the company also recently joined FounderFuel, a Montreal-based startup accelerator.

“For the past year, Transit has become a vital asset in the commute of thousands of passengers daily.” said Sam Vermette, Co-Founder and CEO of The Transit App. “By making the app free, we aim to scale the platform to international markets and become the de facto application used daily by millions of commuters worldwide.”

Itineraries Map View

NearbyStep by step

Below is what’s new in version 2.0, which is also now completely 100% free; no more in-app purchase subscriptions are required to unlock the full potential of the app.

Transit 2.0 also adds:
– Real-time vehicle locations where available.
– New Transit Modes settings let you disable particular modes within a transit agency.
– Autocomplete suggestions now include recent locations.
– New sorting order in Nearby mode taking into account departure time, mode (subway vs bus), distance and favorites.
– Improved schedule popover (long tap on right side of nearby routes cell).
– Offset your location from any stop on an itinerary path.
– Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Transit works in 37 cities across North America including New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, with over 20,00 daily users.

As for Canadian cities supported, the list is below (asterisk denotes support for real time locations/schedules):

  • Calgary: Calgary Transit
  • Halifax: Metro Transit
  • Kamloops: BC Transit
  • Kelowna: BC Transit
  • Montreal: STM, RTL, STL*, AMT (trains)* AMT Express Bus, Ville de Sainte-Julie, MRC les Moulins, MRC de Deux-Montagnes, MRC de L’Assomption, CIT Vallée-du-Richelieu, CIT Sud-ouest, CIT Sorel-Varennes, CIT Roussillon, CIT Le Richelain, CRT Lanaudière, CIT La Presqu’île, CIT des Laurentides, CIT du Haut-Saint-Laurent, CIT Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan
  • Ottawa: OC Transpo*
  • Quebec: RTC
  • Saskatoon: Saskatoon Transit
  • Squamish: BC Transit
  • Thunder Bay: Thunder Bay Transit
  • Toronto: TTC*, GO Transit, YRT*, Guelph Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, Grand River Transit, Brampton Transit
  • Vancouver: BC Rapid Transit Company, TransLink*, West Coast Express
  • Victoria: BC Transit
  • Whistler: BC Transit
  • Winnipeg: Winnipeg Transit*

* Agency with real-time schedules and/or vehicle locations

Click here to download The Transit App 2.0–it’s free. Let us know what you think of it during your commute to and from work/home.