Twitter For iOS To Receive A Massive Update With Interactive Notifications

The next update of Twitter app for iPhone and iPad is set to bring tons of great new features, most of which will focus on interactivity, enhanced notifications, searching and performance, as discovered by 9to5Mac through a bug in the iOS 6 App Store which has leaked the next version’s release notes. The source points out that Version 4.3 of the official Twitter app will also feature the new Twitter logo as app’s springboard icon.

Here are the new features summarized from Twitter’s release notes:

  • More interactive Tweet view experience: content previews, videos, images and more will now be shown within tweets containing links to “partner websites.”
  • Tweets about “selected events” will now be highlighted. Twitter will curate the relevant tweets and images
  • In the Connect tab, autocomplete improvements will be now be present. Twitter rolled out something similar to their official website last week.
  • Major push notifications enhancement: You will now be able to choose to receive push notifications when certain people tweet
  • Like in Tweetbot, you will now be able to receive unobtrusive Twitter notifications while you are using the app.
  • The Discover tab will now be able to alert users when new content is ready for perusal
  • Personalized Trends
  • You will now be able to tap a user’s avatar to be taken to their profile page
  • Improved performance
  • You will now be able to manually input your password when having authentication issues
  • Hungarian localization
  • Finally: the new Twitter logo will be featured on the icon (our image below is from iOS 6 Twitter integration) 
  • Also promised is a slew of other tweaks, more polish, and bug fixes

Check out the release notes screenshots from the iOS 6 App Store: