Two New App Store Requirements are in Effect June 30th, Including Easier Account Deletion

On June 30th, Apple is introducing the new App Store requirements. The first is will see developers required to offer easy account deletion along with stored personal data within any app that asks users to create a personal account. The second requirement sees paid online group services using Apple’s in-app payment system.

Apple introduced a number of App Store requirements during WWDC 2021. On the heels of WWDC 2022, Apple is ensuring that all developers are ready to properly support these new App Store policies. On a developer support page, Apple outlines the new requirements for a streamlined method of account deletion, as seen by The Verge.

As of June 30th, the App Store Review Guideline 5.1.1(v) will be updated to mandate the two new rules. Apple states that users must be able to easily find the account deletion option within an app. It’s also said that if the app offers ‘Sign in with Apple,’ then developers much “use the Sign in with Apple REST API to revoke user tokens.” The new policy requires third-party developers to delete the user account along with any stored personal data. “It’s insufficient to only provide the ability to temporarily disable or deactivate an account,” Apple states.

The second requirement regarding group services targets apps offering classes and events. This rule was actually first revealed by the company in 2020 but was delayed a number of times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Apple targeted a January 22nd rollout but once again delayed it to give developers more time to update their apps.

Apple has confirmed that its WWDC 2022 keynote begins on June 6th at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.