Viral App TikTok to Launch Canadian Division

Source: TikTok

The Chinese app, TikTok, has been increasingly gaining more popularity over the course of this past year. Following a steady incline of user growth, the company will be building a Canadian division in the new year.

According to Financial Post, TikTok is currently advertising three open positions. Findings on LinkedIn appear to show that one role is for the head of Canadian operations. Per the Financial Post report, TikTok may have already hired one person in October.

TikTok has reached a whopping 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store as of November. In order to keep up with industry trends and user demands, the company is now investing in new markets to develop additional partnerships. When speaking to Financial Post, a TikTok representative said: “We’re excited to continue investing in the Canadian market, which includes expanding the local TikTok team as we look to support the incredible creativity and growth of our Canadian users, brands, and partners.”

For the uninitiated, TikTok syncs user-created videos with music tracks. The viral sensation reached the tipping point when the song Old Town Road became a popular meme in many communities. This launched many creators to incorporate the song into their TikTok videos, which spring-loaded the app’s popularity.

TikTok has also been the target of a lot of controversies this past year. The Chinese-based app has been downloaded approximately 110 million times in the U.S alone, which sparked a fire in the conversation of whether or not it posed a counterintelligence threat. TikTok has also been accused of censoring content on the platform. Users have accused the company of blacklisting any anti-Chinese government content or videos pertaining to the ongoing Hong Kong protests. Though TikTok has been adamant to state the company does not sensor content on the platform.

According to the LinkedIn job posting, the head of Canadian operations will be in charge of expanding its audience and develop “content partnerships” with influencers and creators in the country. Nearly all large social media platforms have their feet planted in Canadian soil to build these relationships in some fashion.