Yahoo to Release New Flickr iOS App in Next Few Weeks

Flickr users, get ready for a new iOS app coming in the next weeks, says Kara Swisher from Re/code, despite the existing app already being relatively ‘new’ as it debuted back in December 2012:

Not awesome enough it seems — according to numerous sources inside Yahoo, it is poised to unveil yet another new Flickr, essentially a redesign of its redesign, within the next few weeks.

Why the new app? Sources say the new push is due to the “lack of pickup of the old new Flickr” app, which although peaked to #130 overall in US App Store rankings (based on App Annie data), it has plunged to #426 overall.

Flickr iOS app as it looked in December 2012

The new iOS app will be coupled with a redesign of Flickr on the web, which Swisher describes as a “seamless photo stream and no white space”, which will also have the annoying Yahoo toolbar removed from above and be intertwined better with the mobile version.

Last May, Flickr announced 1 terabyte of free storage for users, making the photo service more appealing to those who previously had ignored it.