Apple’s MacBook Air Helped Drive Laptop Shipments up to 6.5 Million During Q3 2021

Apple has shipped 6.5 million laptops during Q3 2021. Much of the success of Apple’s laptop branch can be attributed to the demand users have had for the MacBook Air.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, reported by 9to5Mac, the MacBook Air has been a popular device and helped Apple land as the fourth-largest laptop seller between July and September. During this time, Apple reportedly earned a 10-percent global market share and 10-percent growth YoY.

By comparison, Lenovo reached the number one spot by shipping 15.3 million units during Q3 2021. The company earned a 23-percent market share. However, Lenovo only gained 5-percent growth YoY during that time. HP shipped 14.3 million units while Dell shipped 12.2 million. Rounding out the list is Asus, which shipped 5.1 million. The remaining companies, which did not make a large enough splash to make the list, shipped a combined 13.5 million units.

Of course, there’s no telling how high these numbers could have been if supply and component constraints weren’t in the picture. Apple has faced numerous hurdles throughout the pandemic and has been challenged in keeping up with demand. However, thanks to the MacBook Air, Apple has been able to retain consumers.

Recently, Apple revealed its Q4 2021 fiscal year earnings. The Mac branch saw total revenue of $9.17 billion. CEO Tim Cook said that this was largely boosted by the M1 Macs.