Apple May use iPad Chassis Design for iPhone 12, Planning Smaller HomePod Launch

Apple’s plans for their upcoming iPhone could be taking a page from the iPad after all. Following previous claims that Apple’s iPhone 12 would take cues from their tablet line, a new report indicates that very well may be the case.

In a report from BNN Bloomberg, Apple is said to be planning to launch a new iPhone using the iPad chassis this year. As part of their transition into 5G, the flagship models will sport sharply rounded corners, and a flat-screen rather than the curved screen edges.

According to Bloomberg‘s sources, Apple is planning to release two high-end devices, replacing the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. In addition, there will be two lower-end devices released to replace the base iPhone 11. Bloomberg’s report indicates that at least two of the devices will feature the new framework.

This new report corroborates previous notions that Apple would be planning to take inspiration from the iPad Pro design. Months ago, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that Apple’s iPhone 12 could very well have a slab-sided design to it. Additional reports indicate that the new design will also see a smaller top-notch and a four-lens camera on the rear side.

On top of that, Bloomberg‘s report note that Apple is planning to release two new accessories along with its new smartphone lineup. The first is a smaller, more affordable HomePod speaker. According to sources, the new design will be roughly half the size of the current HomePod. Apple is also said to have been acquiring AI startups to assist in elevating Siri. There is also talk of Apple revamping the smart home functionality and adding additional music services.

The second accessory said to release later this year is the long rumoured and reported AirTag. Bloomberg‘s report backs up the claim that Apple’s wireless tracking accessory will be launching this year. Although Apple had already confirmed the existence of the device accidentally, no release date has been identified. It appears as though we may finally see the AirTag this year.