Apple Replacing These Apple TV 3 Units Suffering From Wi-Fi Issues


9to5Mac reports Apple has started a replacement program for 3rd generation Apple TV units affected by Wi-Fi connectivity issues:

Apple has determined that a very small number of Apple TV (3rd generation) products might experience one of these Wi-Fi related connectivity issues:

  • Cannot locate network
  • Unable to join network
  • Dropped or intermittent connection.

Only units with serial numbers ending in DRHN will be eligible, along with fourth and fifth (Update: according to AI in the comments and others, look for the 4th and 5th serial numbers, not 3rd and 4th) alphanumeric characters containing the following:


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Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will replace affected products for up to two years from the original purchase date.

In March it was revealed a silent third generation Apple TV refresh contained a smaller version of the A5 chip plus other minor tweaks. If you have suffered issues with your Apple TV and it is eligible, then you should contact Apple for a replacement.