This Apple iTV Concept Imagines iPad mini as the Ultimate Remote [VIDEO]

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Designer Sam Beckett has released a new concept video demonstrating his vision of how an Apple ‘iTV’ could pair with an iPad mini as the remote for the entertainment centre, as he explains in his post over at The Verge:

The overall idea of the concept demonstrates how an iPad or iPad Mini could be paired, (via bluetooth) to an Apple TV set-top box or TV screen panel. User input would either be by multitouch (on the tablet), or with Siri voice commands.

Eventually, I would like to demonstrate how the App Store, FaceTime and the Recordings app (with inbuilt DVR and iCloud storage) would work.

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The iPad mini would have apps which would simultaneously launch on the Apple Television, which would imagine Apple having successfully partnered with cable operators for content. The iPad mini would be paired via Bluetooth to the TV and Siri would play a major role in navigating around the media centre.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think:

We have previously seen other concept videos released by Beckett, including an iPhone 5 concept from last fall envisioning a taller iPhone with ‘Mission Control’ and a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device.