Apple’s AR/VR Headset Will Use Same 96W Power Adapter as 14-inch MacBook Pro: Kuo

Apple’s long-rumoured AR/VR headset is said to use a 96W USB-C power adapter. According to TF International Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this adapter will be the same as the one used with the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

In a research note seen by MacRumors, Kuo states that the use of a 96W power adapter supports the belief that Apple’s AR/VR headset will indeed have the computing power as a Mac product. This has been a talking point as believed specs indicate that the headset will not only have substantial hardware innovations baked in, but power to back it all up.

In the note, Kuo once again states that the headset will feature two processors, one of which is a 5nm chip and the other a 4nm. Both chips are said to be manufactured by TSMC. As it has been discussed by Kuo in the past, Apple’s headset will offer processing power comparable to the M1 chip in regards to the higher-end chip. The lower-end chip is said to be utilized for sensor-related computing.

Apple’s AR/VR headset is believed the offer enough computing power to put itself ahead of many of its competitors in the space. With headsets like Quest, PSVR, and Index, it will be interesting to see how Apple leverages processing power and high-end hardware to overperform.

The headset has not been given an official reveal by the company. It’s said that an expected release may fall during the fourth quarter of 2022.