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Beats Landing Page Removed From Apple Website Ahead of Digital Event

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Apple has seemingly removed the Beats landing page from its website. Leading into the October 13th digital event, Apple may be prepping the announcement of the rumoured AirPods Studio alongside other products including the iPhone 12 lineup.

Originally, spotted by Apple Terminal, the page which housed Apple’s line of Beats products has been removed from the website. Now, when venturing to the landing page, a message reading “The page you’re looking for can’t be found.” is all that remains.

The report notes that if using the Wayback Machine, the landing page was intact as of October 2nd. However, the most recent snapshot of the page on October 9th shows it as being removed. In the time between those dates, Apple appears to have removed the landing page, likely to prepare for what’s to come during the event.

Apple is still selling Beats products through its online store. However, earlier this month, Bloomberg did report Apple will stop selling third-party headphones and wireless speakers from companies such as Sonos, Logitech, and Bose. This move is very reminiscent of when Apple stopped selling third-party fitness trackers ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch.

Rumours have circulated that Apple is developing and releasing a pair of over-the-ear headphones under the name AirPods Studio. Prior reports state that the headphones will feature noise-cancellation. It’s been said that they can be worn with any side facing front or back, with the audio channels changing on their own. It’s said that the headphones will not have a headphone jack and will be USB-C ready.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has recently claimed that Apple will not be announcing AirPods Studio at the event. Prosser’s sources indicated to him that mass production of the AirPods Studio will not be completed by October 20th. However, Prosser has said there will be a November event held by Apple. The AirPods Studio announcement could be shuffled to a later date once mass production is completed.

We’ll know for certain tomorrow afternoon once the Apple Event kicks off at 1 PM ET.

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